Event Player

Event Player
Interactive audio player MP3/WAV/DMX, Show controller - Ethernet

EventPlayer, show controller for sound and light

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  • The EventPlayer is a high quality audio player as well as a powerful and versatile Show Controller designed for non-stop operation. Ultimate stability and reliability is made possible by solid state design with no moving parts, standalone hardware and freedom from any form of operating system.

  • Waves System many years of expertise in research and development of digital audio solutions has been put into the design of the EventPlayer. Thanks to design rationalisation and pertinent technological choices, the EventPlayer offers an unrivalled performance / price ratio.

  • The incredible versatility of the EventPlayer is multifaceted :

The EventPlayer is Multi-Format :
Reads audio files - MP3 and WAV from 16 to 32 bits / from 44.1 to 96 kHz - and DMX sequences.

The EventPlayer is Multi-Storage :
Plays back files stored on a SD/SDHC* card or on external storage device, USB stick, hard disk or card reader.

The EventPlayer is Multi-Control :
Whichever control is required, for full automation or remote control and integration, it offers powerful time programming, Ethernet, RS232 serial link and interactive playback facilities on input contacts.

The EventPlayer is Multi-Pilot :
As a Show Controller, it executes DMX sequences, commands output contacts and provides an RS232 link to control other pieces of equipment. The EventPlayer controls all actions of the show in perfect synchronisation with the audio file.

* Firmware 2.01 or later.

Event Player

  • Show Control Sequencer

Show control is the ability to link together and operate multiple entertainment systems in a co-ordinated manner. The EventPlayer can control devices, lights, motors, valves… , in perfect synchronisation with the sound track.   
The show control sequencer allows creation of entertainment programs by recording successive status of the DMX output and the output contacts in relation to the associated audio track. Real time playback and modification is made available by connecting a USB/DMX interface like ENTTEC Open DMX USB Interface to a computer via the USB link.

Event Player Show control

  • Timer Scheduler

The broadcast program can be automated using the ID-AL time and date scheduler. The planning software allows playback of messages, change of music style and launch of a show at any given time.
It is simple and very user friendly: just create typical days and place them onto the displayed calendar.

Event player Sheduler

EventPlayer, show controller for sound and light

Intelligent and standalone, the EventPlayer runs automatically an unlimited number of programmed shows creating attractive entertainment in commercial and leisure places and making it perfect for  :  

• architectural lighting,
• sound and light displays,
• talking animatronics
• musical fountains and many more applications.

EventPlayer, show controller for sound and light

• Reads MP3 files (64kbps to 320kbps) and WAV files (16 to 32 bits - 44.1 to 96kHz)
• Storage on SD/SDHC* card, USB stick, USB hard disk or USB card reader
• Autoplay mode, can be configured and disabled
• Show control function
• Playback pattern defined by digits included in directory and file names
• Time and date scheduler
• 8 inputs on dry contacts. Can be combined up to 255 triggers
• 8 outputs on optocoupler (open collector)
• 512 DMX channels output
• RS232 serial link
• Ethernet link (Web server and FTP)
• USB link to update SD card and USB mass storage
• Infrared sensor for remote control handset
• 2x20 w integrated amplifier
• Digital setting of volume, treble, medium, bass
• Auxiliary In on RCA, switching can be scheduled with configurable fade in/fade out
• Amplified output on removable terminal block
• Line level output on RCA
• Digital audio output S-PDIF on RCA
• Setting menu by rotary encoder
• 2 configurable push buttons
• 2 x 16 LCD display
• 12V external power supply unit
• 2 power supply sockets for powering other devices
• Format 2/3 of a 19’’ rack
• Dimensions: L286 x H44x D125 mm
• Weight: 800 g

* Firmware 2.01 or later.

EventPlayer, show controller for sound and light


  • 19" Rack mount - Deep 120mm

Rack mount

  • Front plate for rack mount

Cache face avant

  • Front plate for SD card

Cache carte SD

  • Infrared remote control

Infrared remote control

  • PSU GS40A12-P1J

GS40 : 12V - 3.34A

  • 15 inputs extention board

Carte d'extension 15 contacts

EventPlayer, show controller for sound and light


  • Front face:
Event Player

  • Rear face:
Event Player

Event Player

Event Player


PDF documentations :

EventPlayer - (English)