Art Player

Art Player
MP3 / WAV Picture Frame Player on SD card

L'ArtPlayer, musical picture frame

Art Player
  • ArtPlayer - All-in-one musical picture frame, audio player, amplifier, flatspeaker and decorating item
  • Decorate, inform and entertain with the ID-AL musical picture. The display discretly includes a standalone audio player and a 7W amplifier. The front face is an extra flat loudspeaker using NXT technology.
  • The integrated audio player reliably broadcasts for hours, non-stop and unattended audio, music, messages or sound effects. The player reads audio files, in Wave and MP3 formats, stored on SD memory card.
  • The audio program is changed in seconds by swapping the memory card inserted in a slot positioned on the side of the device.
  • The unit is powered with an external 12 volts power supply to guarantee maximum safety when used in public places. No wiring is necessary, just connect it and the musical picture frame is ready to play.
  • The picture frame itself is fitted with a quick changeover system for straight forward replacement of the picture, poster or photo.  
  • An infra-red detector is available to remote control the player: start and stop functions, change track or adjust volume. An elegant remote control handset is supplied.
  • The audio player is positioned on the side of the box, within the thickness of the frame. Music files are stored on the memory card inserted in the dedicated slot. Control the player with infrared remote handset provided.
  • Three standard sizes available:
    - 400mm x 500mm
    - 500mm x 700mm
    - 700mm x 700mm

    Special dimensions, frame types and colors can be accommodated on request.


L'ArtPlayer, musical picture frame

ArtPlayer is a unique solution for a elegant and discreet audio broadcasting.

• Background music and messaging in waiting rooms, corridors, reception areas, boats...

• Discrete and elegant device to broadcast information and messages in museums and cultural places.

• Sound effects, animal cries, background noises to illustrate the displayed picture or attract attention.

• Broadcast of interviews, voice information on artists in art galleries...

L'ArtPlayer, musical picture frame

  • Include with the ArtPlayer :

- Decorating picture frame including an audio player, amplifier and loudspeaker
- External 12V power supply
- Remote control handset

  • Audio characteristics:

- Reads stereo MP3 files (MPEG ½ layer 3), 44.1KHz, from 112kbit/s to 320kbits/s
- Reads CBR (Constant Bit Rate) files and VBR (variable Bit Rate) files
- Reads stereo WAV files, 44.1kHz, 16 bits
- Volume setting = 32 steps (from Mute to maximum)

  • SD Memory card:

- Accepts SD card - 64Mo minimum - Formatted in FAT16 and FAT32
- Supports long file names
- 2 folders - 999 files maximum by folder

  • Interfacing:

- Status indicator LED
- Infrared sensor - Play, Stop, Next, Previous, Trigger, Volume +, Volume -, Protocole SONY SIRC 12bits modulated at 38kHz
- 1 input on dry contact on Phoenix 3.81mm plug-in connector
- External power supply connector DC 2.1/5.5 and internal
- Stereo output on mini-jack and internal connector
- Amplified stereo output on screw-in terminal block

  • Directory trigger by:

- 1 input on contact - Bounce management 100ms fixed
- Infrared remote control

  • MP3 Files encryption:

- Compatible with encryption software tool v1 and v2. On request.

  • Power supply:

- Nominal voltage: 12V DC
- Power supply range: 10V to 15V DC

  • Consumption on 12V power supply:

- Stand-by: 60mA
- Reading (line level output - amplified output not used): 95mA
- Reading - amplifier maximum @8Ohms: 2A (varies with volume level)

  • Output audio power:

- Voltage 12V - THD 10% - Charge 8 Ohms: 14W (2 x 7W=

  • Loudspeaker Technology:

- NXT extra flat loudspeaker

  • Bandwidth:

- from 100Hz - 18kHz

  • Available standard sizes:

- 400mm x 500mm
- 500mm x 700mm
- 700mm x 700mm


L'ArtPlayer, musical picture frame

  • Infrared remote control

Infrared remote control

  • PSU GS40A12-P1J


L'ArtPlayer, musical picture frame


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Art Player

Art Player

Art Player


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