My Music Player LE

My Music Player LE

Automate de diffusion WAV/MP3 - USB - Amplified - Ethernet

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    I don't know how my file is encoded. Which software can i use to know precisely which are the caracteristics of my file? (format, type, encoding, bitrate...)

    If you have not any software for this, you can use MediaInfo software ( This software, provided under BSD license, is free and opensource on all operating system (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux).

    Which software can I use to access my player in FTP mode?

    Numerous FTP software exist and certain operation systems allow you to directly access an FTP without having to add additional functions. If you don’t possess the standard software, you can use FileZilla software ( This software, under GPL licence is free to use whatever your operating system (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux).

    I created a scheduling file "tm3" with the "scheduler" software, but the player does not take into account my programming. What's going on?

    At first, make sure that the scheduling file is named "scheduler.tm3" and not otherwise. Then, make sure that this file is copied into the "SYSTEM" folder of the player's main media.

    If it still does not work, check with the "Scheduler" software that the "typical days" that you have created are properly placed into the calendar. Also make sure that the player is configured with the correct time and the correct date. Finally, make sure you that the folders called into the programming exist and that they are conform to the structure of the files specified in your manual.

    Can I use a Mac OS X system to prepare the contents of my storage device?

    This issue is resolved since the firmware update 1702. If the player is not updated, the hidden system (. DS_Store, etc.) files must be deleted manually:

    • On the MAC computer, insert the storage device.
    • Format the storage device as FAT 32 and give it a volume name.
    • Store on it useful files according to the organization demanded by the player.
    • In the terminal of MAC OS X (folder "Applications" -> "Tools"),  enter and execute the following command: dot_clean -m /Volumes/(volume name)
    • Eject the storage device with the ejecting process of the system.
    • Turn the player on with the storage device prepared as follow.

    End FAQ