Micro Player mkIII

Micro Player mkIII

I’m using a USB stick with a number of very large audio files. How can I improve the start up time of my player?

During start up, the MicroPlayer mkII carries out an automatic listing of all the files present on your media support. If the number of files present in each folder is large, this operation can take considerable time. Owing to the technology integrated in MicroPlayer mkII, using an SD or SDHC card is preferable. Start up time will be faster with a high-performance SD/SDHC card.

I have put a number of large files in the same folder but not all of them seem to have been read. Why?

The number of files accepted by the player in the same folder is limited to 999.

I don't know how my file is encoded. Which software can i use to know precisely which are the caracteristics of my file? (format, type, encoding, bitrate...)

If you have not any software for this, you can use MediaInfo software (http://mediaarea.net/fr/MediaInfo). This software, provided under BSD license, is free and opensource on all operating system (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux).

I have properly named "000" the autoplay folder, but the player reads the folder just one time, what is the problem?

By default, the folders are not played in loop. The condition to play a folder in loop depend to the add of a specific parameter in the name of the folder. This parameter is a jump function, done when the folder is fully played. To play your folder in loop, please, rename the autoplay folder from "000" to "000 [J000]". For more informations on the folders parameters, please, refer to your owner's manual.

I have created a text files "config.txt" and/or "serial.txt" as specified into the manual, but the player does not include instructions that i put in the configuration file. Why?

Make sure that the "config.txt" and "serial.txt" files are generate with a basic text editor like the "Notepad" of Microsoft Windows. Otherwise, your text editor needs to create a "ANSI" file, 100% ASCII. "DOC", "RTF", ""UTF-8", "UTF16", "UNICODE" or other format of text file are exclude.